Linux server administration as a jump start into hacking your own applications together. It will be finished and published later in the year.

In 2009 I contributed to a book by Phil Simons. According to Amazon (and so, I guess, the publishers) the book is “more of a management text than a technical guide” and is “designed to help your organisation better understand these exciting new technologies and their potential impact.”

As a contributing author on Open Source techologies and where they are headed I really enjoyed writing for Phil and I think it helped me to understand two things;

1. Writing 8500 words (a chapter) is hard, and
2. The effort required to write 24x that might explain why I haven’t finished my book yet.

I do suggest to any CTO or CIO out there to grab a copy of this book (no I don’t get any more money for refering people) becuase I think it really helps put into context alot of the technology out there that can be utilised by enterprises, such as enterprise search.

You can find it on Amazon here.

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