Enterprise Search is a truly facinating technology for me. If you read through my Geek R&D Section then you’ll know how much I love information and sorting through it. I think what I love about the Search Appliance is the fact that it can search through all my existing content, such as the 2tb NAS of old word docs, pdfs and images and collate it all nicely together for me to search through. It snaps into content systems, websites and really for less than the cost of a couple of weeks of development, you can throw a Google Mini into production on your website and have it returning results in minutes.

Okay, so enough of the sales pitch, what do I actually do? Well often I skulk around the Google Enterprise Search Support Group and lend a hand (although this depends on how busy I am with work, etc) but more importantly I get to do talks, discuss ideas, or methodologies and generally geek it up with Search Nerds. I’m fairly certain the Enterprise Search folks out in Japan are fed up with me pointing out bugs or making feature requests.

You can catch more on issues relating to Google Search Appliances here: http://groups.google.com/group/google-search-appliance