Imagine being able to give a remote community in a third world nation a completely safe and reliable water supply. The supply could be controlled completely by a relatively inexpensive laptop (say, $100) and could be easily replicated to allow communities to either share their supply with others, or to help them install their own systems. Innovation for me doesn’t just stop with writing an awesome application, it’s about application of knowledge.

Although not strictly in my core set of skills, Water Quality is maths, physics and chemistry (and depending on the water system a whole LOT of microbiology). It’s an interesting field for me as I continue to develop some software modeling around water flow and distribution as well as the innovation around water purification and water quality. I think it’s important to think about technology across all areas of life, where innovation in one area of my work (in this case, software systems that work with external metering and rating systems) may benefit other areas of life.

The system that I am currently working on may have applications in everything from Domestic Pool, Spa and Pond treatment and analysis, right through to third world water supply and management systems. Scale plays a huge part in this, of course, because on a small scale the water purification may consume relatively low levels of energy (Reverse Osmosis really takes ALOT of energy compared to the water quantity), but on a large scale some of these systems are completely impossible on a large scale, that’s why I’m trying to apply my nerd brain to this problem.

Hopefully, my system will not only work in the small scale domestic scene, but also on larger scales, such as water based farming (rice, fish, etc) right up to community water supply. I’ll keep you posted on how I go and once my patent is lodged I’ll post a whole bunch of research on it.

Where did this idea come from? My pool. It was green and gross and I needed to understand the chemistry well enough to feel confident about treating it right – and so began a journey into water quality!

If you have technology/innovation or open source projects surrounding water quality – drop me a line! I’d be happy to share ideas and research with you.