Contained here are some of the projects that we are involved with, working on, or leading.

Architecting Cloud Printing

Currently, you’ll find me at Macquarie University working on their Cloud Printing infrastructure. This was a project we build in order to facilitate not only ‘follow me’ walk up printing, but also to introduce the flexibility and scalability of web services, to printing.

Realtime Digital Photography

I enjoy taking photos and like most nerds I have a comprehensive collection of them. The problem was originally that there were too many, I had to tag and manage and rate them all. So I built the Beagle Image Engine, which led to the Beagle Search Engine, Meta Tagging and General Image Library Management. Currently the image library handles around 50,000 images quite well. While taking event photos one day, I realised there was a gap in my processing of images. Sure the workflow once I got back to the laptop was great, but I wanted to kick it off the second I took a photo – to make them available to everyone, everywhere in realtime if I wanted. So was born, where you can snap a photo and have it buzzing in a newsroom not 60 seconds later.

Wearable Conference Technology

I’ve been working on wearables for a while and my latest development is in the conference space, addressing some needs around conference attendance, movement and of course allowing retailers to be able to easily integrate and share information with conference goers. This tech is in Beta and we’re looking forward to releasing it to the general public in 2015.