I co-founded Sming in 2008 as a combination Consultancy and a Research and Development company. The main role of Sming at the moment is as a consultancy service to businesses who need to understand their technology consumption better and to provide concepts, creations and innovative ways of managing their digital assets and brands. In this capacity Sming has helped a handful of companies realise their digital potential and has also had the opportunity to work with some interesting brands.

Research and Development at Sming is an interesting experience. As you can see in my Geek R&D Section, I like to explore all kinds of ways of applying technology and adapting existing technologies to new tasks. In this, Sming is starting to put together some interesting people and make connections across the globe with both developers, innovators, industry leaders and startups. I thouroughly enjoy innovation and I think I’ll continue to do so for the rest of my days!

At the moment we are exploring in the following areas, if you wanna jump on the bandwagon email me at steve@sming.com.au

* Distributed stateless data exchange
* Product and Services Brokerage Systems aka “The Drycleaning API”
* Adaptive System Interregators (Code Beagles)
* Information Systems (Meta Objects and Object Schema Management)
* Unified Communications (and brokerage)