I love information management systems, so when I had the opportunity to work with Geospatial systems I jumped right in with Google Maps and Google Earth. From the humble beginings of placing a marker on the map, to the more recent advanced development of image rendinging and management within the frameworks, it has been a total dream. It’s also been really great to see the development of the frameworks and API’s come so much futher, from their beginnings also!.

So Store Locators are probably the most common development in this area for the enterprise, but there are also alot of really interesting projects to work on around Business Intelligence and the development of spatially aware applications. I can’t go much into it all here (NDA NDA NDA) but to lets just say the ability to be able to integrate with ESRI (ArcGIS) MapData, MDS and represent all of that information on the map in only minutes it very handy.

You can find out more about Google Maps for the Enterprise, here.